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If you are the kind of person who is willing to innovate, become a trendsetter, willing to be exposed to latest technologies and partner with world leaders in creating new products – Prime Technologies will be your ideal choice. Prime Technologies believes in continuous education and training as the key enablers for its people to be successful. Prime Technologies has invested substantially in creating a learning organization. Prime Technologies not only believes in adequately compensating its people but also guide them with their career growth and provide an environment, which is positive, friendly and willing to share knowledge.

Career Paths

Prime Technologies provides support centric services to technology creators and enterprises, which includes software engineering, QA and support solutions to enterprise products and end customers. This will mean your options to select a path of your liking and grow quickly within is unmatched. You could grow from a solution architect to a delivery manager or make a career with software testing, marketing, pre-sales or consulting.The opportunities are unlimited.

Open Culture

The work culture at Prime Technologies facilitates lateral thinking, experimentation and innovation. With an emphasis on personal responsibility, Prime Technologies provides you with an environment that supports creativity. Self-starters flourish here, unobstructed by reporting hierarchies and restrictive policies.


Prime Technologies offers you comprehensive benefit programs tailored to motivate and significantly reward performance. You could look at challenging job openings in,

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Support

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