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How We Work

How We Work

We coordinate closely with our clients to not only draw the most feasible solutions but also assist them in effectively employing the solutions to their business.

We can help you at every stage of the project, from the initial scoping stage right through to delivery and support.

We've developed tried and tested procedures for ensuring projects are run smoothly and delivered on time, and as expected.

Prime Technologies invests on a long-term relationship with customers. For this reason, we guarantee the maintenance of the product as well as our sound collaboration for future developments and additions.

Typical process
Stage Outputs
  • Detailed discussion with end users and managers.
  • on process flow improvements.
  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
It is a prototype of the proposed system. It contains complete list of entry screens, print-outs and queries. Each program is detailed field by field with validations, process logic and audit features.
  • Presentation
The prototype prepared above is presented to the users . Any enhancements / practical difficulties suggested are incorporated into the system.
  • Approval of the SRS document by management.
  • Software Design Specification (SDS)
This document contains the detailed description of the data structures used in the system. Apart from this, It also lists the tables updated in each entry screen and query statements required for reports and queries.
  • Program Coding and testing (Unit testing and Integrated testing)
Demonstration to Users

Reports and printouts from the converted / sample data
  • Implementation
User Manual

Programmer Manual